Advanced Custom Chrome                 Copper, nickel and chrome plating. Pot metal, steel,
                                                   brass and aluminum repair and plating.

Advanced Plating                   Trim repaired, restored and chrome plated.

Arthur Gould Rebuilders                Vintage fuel pumps 1927-1970, water pumps 1900-1970.

Bob's Classic Auto Glass               Side glass, back glass, windshields & seal for trucks from
                                              1920 - present.

Carbs Only               New and remanufactured carburetors. Carburetor parts and rebuild
                             kits. Carburetor restoration service.

Carburetor Factory            Carburetor parts and rebuild kits. Carburetor rebuilding service.

Chuck Collins Studebaker Parts            Engine parts, interior trim, carburetor kits, electrical
                                                     parts, drive line parts, lenses, steering, rubber trim.

Classic Flat Glass              Glass for classic trucks made from original factory patterns.

Coker Tire                 Vintage tires, U.S. Royal, B.F. Goodrich, Firestone, American Classic,
                              white wall, wide white walls, red line.

Custom Plating Specialist               Triple chrome plating, copper, nickel, chrome. Potmetal,
                                                steel, aluminum, brass.

Frantsen's Stainless Products           Polished stainless steel pickup truck bed parts.

J & M Machine             Engine rebuilding for all antique trucks. Computerized balancing,
                                cracks repaired.

Just Dashes                 Chrome plastic plating, gauges, door panel trim, dash pads.

Kanter Auto Products             Vintage pickup truck parts 1930-1986. Engine parts, brakes
                                         suspension, shocks, bearings, water pumps, transmission
                                         kits, exhaust, carburetors.

Koch's Steering Wheels          Steering wheel restoration.

Loga Enterprises             Studebaker interior parts. Door panels, glove boxes, sun visors,
                                   headliner. 715.832.7302

Mack Hils Inc.              Manufacturer of quality reproduction parts for antique pickup

Maine Radiator Mfg.             Antique radiator restoration.

MAR-K Parts             Truck bed wood, tailgate parts, fender bolt kits.

Mr. G's Enterprises               Hardware, fasteners, interior screws, bumper bolts, underhood

Northwest Transmission Parts             1933-1980 standard and automatic transmission
                                                    parts and rebuild kits.

Old Car Lenses                Tail lights, headlights, 1900-1970.

Power Brake Exchange               Rebuilt power brake boosters, master cylinders, calipers,
                                             from 1936 to present. 800.322.1775

R J & L Automotive Fasteners             Trim clips, moulding clips, harness fasteners.

Restoration Specialties              Window channel, fender felt, clips, bumper bolts, rubber
                                            parts, stainless hardware.

SMS Auto Restoration               Rebuilt hood hinges. 

Snyder Studebaker Parts            Used Studebaker parts, door handles, body trim, grills,
                                             lights, mouldings.

Steele Rubber Products              Weatherstrip, body seals, molded rubber parts.

Studebaker Glass & Rubber              1941-1964 glass, glass kits and rubber seals for M Series
                                                  C Cab and T Cab Champ.

Studebaker International                New parts, reproduction parts for Studebaker trucks.

Studebaker Louie                  New and used Studebaker truck parts.
Studebaker Truck Parts             Used Studebaker truck parts. Body panels, complete
                                            cabs, interior trim.

The Brassworks                Studebaker truck radiator restorations and drop in replacements.

Totally Stainless               Stainless nuts, washers, bolts. Stainless hardware kits for
                                    bodies, suspensions and engines.

Universal Vintage Tire Co.              Vintage truck tires.

U.S. Radiator               Standard, aluminum or copper and brass radiators.

Waldron's Exhaust              Complete exhaust systems, exhaust pipes, mufflers, 1909-1980

Wheel Vintiques                    Vintage style wheels for classic pickup trucks.

White Post Restorations              Brake cylinders sleeved and rebuilt, brake shoes relined,
                                             brake calipers and boosters rebuilt.

Yesterday's Parts                Studebaker truck wiring harnesses 1932-1959. Duplicate of
                                       original wiring harness.

Find parts and restoration supplies for your classic Studebaker
pickup truck. Coupe-Express, M Series, 2R Series, 3R Series, E Series,
Transtar, Scotsman and Champ, Dictator Six, Commander Six...
Brake parts, interior trim, carburetors, pickup bed parts, electrical,
body panels, engine parts, upholstery, emblems, cooling system, exhaust

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